“Pura Actitud,” by Plu con Pla nominated for Best Folk Song at Premios Nuestra Tierra

The musical group Plu con Pla, from Tumaco, Nariño, was nominated in the category Best Folk Song of the Year in the Nuestra Tierra 2024 Awards, for their song “Pura Actitud”, which they performed in collaboration with the Chocoan musician, producer, and composer Alexis Play. “Pura Actitud” que realizó en colaboración con el músico, productor y compositor chocoano Alexis Play.

This song is part of the album of the same name, co-produced by Manos Visibles and released last year as part of the Pacifico Master Beat Program, which seeks to build racial and gender equity through the power of sound.

For Harold Tenorio, director of Plu con Pla, this nomination meant a great deal, not only for the group but for all the musicians of the Colombian Pacific — “It is definitely very significant, for all the work we have been doing. We receive it with great joy and enthusiasm because in one way or another an effort is being made from here, from the regions, to work on our music, to using innovation to conserve the traditions and share our music with the new generations.” Harold is a man who has dedicated his life to preserve the folk music of this part of the country.

More than 150 artists in 28 categories are competing in the Nuestra Tierra Awards for the most important award in national music and recognition of their work during the period from January to December 2023. Thirty percent of the votes come from the public, while the remaining 70% will be decided by a music committee. Voting for the public is open on www.premiosnuestratierra.com until April 21

Plu con Pla

“Pura Actitud”, is a collaboration with the Chocoan musician, producer, composer, and teacher Alexis Play and is part of the first album of the group Plu con Pla. The album is produced by maestro Iván Benavides, Grammy Award winner who has worked with many big name artists such as Carlos Vives, La Provincia, ChocQuibTown, and Aterciopelados, among many others.

Paula Marcela Moreno, president of Manos Visibles, an organization that is part of the production team of the album, said — “This nomination fills us with pride because in Manos Visibles we believe in the musical power the Pacific harnesses, supporting various initiatives so that they can reach the next level. We are interested in the role of musical groups to guide transformations in the territory through their lyrics.”  

“Pura Actitud” “Pura Actitud” has been possible thanks to the Potencia Étnica Audiovisual project, an initiative of Manos Visibles and The Warner Music Group / Blavatnik Family Foundation – Social Justice Fund that contributes to the construction of racial and gender equity in Colombia through the creation and distribution of new ethnic sounds and audiovisual narratives that create new leaders and promote inclusion from the power of diversity. 


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