We are in Petronio mode with Pacífico Master Beat!

Manos Visibles Embraces Musical Innovation 

Pacífico Master Beat, our most outstanding initiative in collaboration with the Warner Music Group / Blavatnik Family Foundation - Social Justice Fund, is aimed at strengthening the musical ecosystem of the Pacific region and promoting new sonic narratives with Colombia. During the month of August, we join in the celebrations of the Petronio Alvárez Festival with the release of the singles “Bloqueó” and “Somos”.

These two singles are part of the Pacífico Master Beat album, which is a collection that embodies the efforts of over 60 young artists from Tumaco, Guapi, Timbiquí, and Quibdó. They have honed their music production skills under the guidance of acclaimed artists like Iván Benavides, Nidia Gongora, Constantino Herrera, Esteban Copete, Alexis Play, Hugo Calendario, Jhonny Hendrix, Mulatho, Kiko Castro, and more.

“The Pacific region has always been considered a musical powerhouse, and with Pacífico Master Beat, our aim is to establish the necessary infrastructure in this region for the creation and production of music within the territory,” affirms Paula Moreno, President of the Manos Visibles Corporation. 

To learn more about Pacifico Master Beat, follow our web series on the Manos Visibles YouTube channel. Explore its significant impacts in the region by checking out the perspectives of various participants and mentors of this initiative.


FOCO – Escuela de producción audiovisual para la Equidad Racial

FOCO: The School of Audiovisual Production for Racial Equity

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DALE: 10 años formando liderazgos juveniles

DALE: 10 years training more than a thousand leaders

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