DALE: 10 years training more than a thousand leaders

his year marks the 10th anniversary of our DALE Program (Desarrollo Autónomo Liderazgo Efectivo - Autonomous Development / Effective Leadership), an initiative that has trained over 1,000 leaders in its eleven installments across 23 municipalities situated along the coastal regions of the Caribbean, the Caucana Pacific and the Nariño Pacific Coast, as well as in Northern Cauca and the Amazon, among others. 

Through this program, we facilitate youth community leadership training while working towards violence prevention and creating opportunities to highlight and enable the potential of these leadership roles within an agenda of peace. We achieve this by channeling the participants’ resilience towards a level of transcendence, resulting in the strengthening of myriad leadership pathways. 

These empowered leaders are now driving transformations in both the narratives and the realities of their territories through actions that are tangible and attainable.


Today, we continue to dream of leaders who alter perceptions, envision futures, and propose agendas of renovation along with innovative solutions for the longstanding issues faced by our communities.


Estamos en Modo Petronio con Pacífico Master Beat

We are in Petronio mode with Pacífico Master Beat!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1GhB-QSoGk&list=PLnNy3rtjkeLqqVXhmXl-0144jEXGKbY5R Manos Visibles le apuesta a la vanguardia Músical  Pacífico Master Beat, es nuestra apuesta más grande en Alianza con The Warner Music Group / Blavatnik Family Foundation -...

FOCO – Escuela de producción audiovisual para la Equidad Racial

FOCO: The School of Audiovisual Production for Racial Equity

Cine colombiano y brasileño hecho por personas negras En alianza con APAN (la Asociación  de Profesionales del Audiovisual Negro) de Brasil,  creamos Foco, la primera Escuela de Producción Audiovisual para la equidad racial que nace de la articulación...