About Us

Manos Visibles (Spanish for Visible Hands) is a think tank, a social innovation laboratory and a cultural space. It is an independent, autonomous, non-profit corporation, whose aim is social improvement. The headquarter is located in Bogotá, Colombia, but it is supported by numerous visible hands throughout the country and the world.
Manos Visibles works to generate social inclusion, from a local, regional and global perspective. For this reason it is necessary to strengthen vulnerable social groups by providing an institutional and organizational framework capable of helping them forge and fully improve their living conditions.
Why Visible Hands?
The name of the corporation, Manos Visibles that in English means Visible Hands, was born from the antithesis of the economic theory the Invisible Hand introduced by Adam Smith in 1795 in which the metaphoric invisible hand represents the self-regulating behavior of the market. The application of this theory has led to an increasing number of societies with economic growth and wealth accumulation, but also with pronounced social exclusion. Therefore in the search for a more just and inclusive society Visible Hands are required to identify themselves and generate an effective social transformation.






 o en sus tres componentes: 1- Maestrías; 2- Desarrollo Profesional, del que hacen parte la Escuela de Gobierno, Escuela de Innovación Comunitaria y la Escuela de Economía; 3- Serie de Encuentros Regionales Conexión Pacífico.